The Company

PreciousHMO was incorporated in 2006 and accredited by the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) in 2007. We have constantly maintained high level compliance to the regulatory requirements expected of a global player, which has led to our success in the latest re-accreditation and re-consolidation of HMOs in Nigeria(2014).

We provide Social Health Insurance Health Benefits through the NHIS while utilizing a network of NHIS accredited hospitals for all categories of care. We offer comprehensive private health insurance products to corporate businesses, organizations, associations, unions, families and individuals.

Our desire is to help mitigate your exposure to financial catastrophies associated to rising medical costs. We promote, prevent, rehabilitate, and manage your health in a manner that guarantees and upholds a healthy living through easy access to affordable and quality healthcare.

We will do the thinking while you calmly enjoy life.