Why you need health insurance in 2021

The year 2020 was an unusual year and with the way it played out, a lot of uncertainties surrounds the year 2021. However, one thing is certain, the healthcare challenges of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic further reveals the importance of health insurance as a financial safety net when medical emergency or ill health happens. Looking back at the past nine months, we saw the impact on global economy and mental health.  The rapid outbreak occasioned; business closures, increased unemployment, mental health conditions created by loss of income, isolation and bereavement.

As we make gradual recovery from the economic effects of last year, making health insurance decision becomes more important this year. Here are some of the reasons why you need to finalize and take action on your health plans for 2021 either as a group or an individual.

High Medical Cost

The uninsured face a lot of health risks that impact negatively on their finances especially during medical emergencies. Without a health insurance coverage, you pay high medical bills for treatments that would have been covered under a healthcare plan. These expensive treatments can sometimes result to personal bankruptcy.

Preventive and Timely Care

Preventive and timely care helps to reduce the escalation of chronic conditions into problems. With health insurance coverage, you don’t have to worry about early detection and intervention of such cases. However, if you don’t have health insurance, there is hesitation to seeking needed healthcare quickly and this can put your health at a bigger risk. 

Access to Quality Healthcare

Most times, the uninsured do not received quality healthcare due ignorance or inability to afford recommended medication. Some even prefer to use non-recommended traditional medicine or herbal mixtures for treatment of diseases. This oftentimes leads to medical complications.  Whereas, the insured received the required investigation and prevention services from capable, qualified and competent healthcare providers. They are also sensitized regularly with follow-up care visits or calls.

When it comes to your health, health insurance is a necessity and not a luxury. Although there may be no tax penalty for not being covered, there is the likelihood of facing health risks if you choose to go without coverage. Get a free quote for corporate or group health insurance coverage. 

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