Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Program (TISHIP)

The Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme (TISHIP) is a social security system whereby the health care of students in tertiary institutions is paid for from funds pooled through the contributions of students. It is a programme committed to ensuring access to qualitative healthcare service for students of tertiary institutions thereby promoting the health of students with a view to creating conducive learning environment. Tertiary institutions are categorized as Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Colleges of Agriculture, Monotechnics, Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Health Technology and other Specialized Institutions.
TISHIP caters for the health care needs of Nigerian students in tertiary institutions who due to their studentship status cannot benefit under other health insurance programmes. By virtue of their age and their status as students, most of them cannot benefit from the public sector programme as enrolees or dependents of enrolees. This necessitates a programme designed to meet their needs.
In the bid to achieving universal health coverage for all citizens of the country, Precious HMO partners with Tertiary institution to ensure that the health and well-being of this critical population creates a conducive learning environment.

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Program (TISHIP)

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme is an NHIS product designed to serve the healthcare needs of students (full and part-time) of Federal, State and Private Tertiary Institutions. Tertiary institutions are categorized as Universities, Colleges of Education, Polytechnics, other Specialized Colleges of Agriculture and Monotechnics, Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Technology.

Private Health Insurance

It is a special security arrangement based on pooling of health risk to provide financial protection to participants against ill health. It is a voluntary and commercial coverage, devoid of risk sharing. Benefits are not uniform, contribution payable is based strictly on the need of an individual i.e. the higher the health needs of the contributor, the higher the premium payment. It can be offered through employers or purchased by an individual or a family.

NHIS Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Program (FSSHIP)

An NHIS product which is based on risk-sharing and solidarity amongst the federal public and civil servants. It is compulsory and guided by law and regulated or implemented by the state.

NHIS/MDG Maternity Health & amp; Children Under Five

A combined NHIS and MDG programme designed to take care of children under 5 years and pregnant women who are considered vulnerable

Community-Based Social Health Insurance Program (CBSHIP)

Community Based Health Insurance (CBSHIP) is a non for profit healthcare financing system which is based on solidarity and risk sharing between members within an identified community or a cohesive group of
households/individuals or occupation based groups. Its major objective is to improve access to good quality and affordable health care.

State Supported Health Insurance Program (SSHIP)

It has become obvious that to achieve the Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria, the State Governments must be encouraged to run State Supported Health Insurance Schemes. With establishments of State Agencies of Health
Insurance, control at the national level will be decentralised and the scheme will be closer to the people in rural communities, local government councils and state civil service. PreciousHMO provides technical support to State Governments towards a successful establishment of a State Based Health Insurance Scheme, its implementation, which involves Policy and Regulation, Provider Management,
Enrolment, Revenue Collection and Pooling, Fund Holding and Fund Management, Communications/Marketing, Monitoring and Information Systems, Recruitment, Contracting and Purchase of Health Services from Health Care Providers.