Your Health,
is PRECIOUS to Us.

Precious HMO provides affordable healthcare services to an enrolled
population by a network of selected healthcare providers.
We act as a liaison with healthcare providers on a prepaid basis.

Team Work

PreciousHMO has a very competent workforce with each associate promising personal prominence and adding to the efficiency of the whole.


At PreciousHMO, we work together to achieve a defined and common purpose we coordinate the efforts of our team to provide the best health services.


At PreciousHMO we have an obligation to explain, justify, and take responsibility for our actions with respect to our mission, values, and commitments.


At PreciousHMO we are particular about making judgments that are free from discrimination and respecting the rights of all those who work with us.

Precious HMO

A Great Place to Receive Managed Care

Confidence is one of those allusive things that each Managed Care Professional will see differently. For some, confidence is the ability to portray a strong veneer. For some, it’s making the enrolled feel like everything will be OK.

For us, we believe confidence is something that simply comes with the knowledge that the Provider has done the required investigations and ensure medical appropriateness for the enrolled.

We Are Here for You

Uninsured people receive less medical and timely care. Avoid worse health outcomes and fiscal burden today with a Health Insurance cover from Precious HMO. We offer easy access to treatment, Direct access to specialist consultations, Emergency services, Access to over 500 private hospitals and much more.

Choose Confidently

Be assured that Precious HMO will give you value for money in any of the plans you may wish to choose.

Make Every Decision Count

We don't just manage your health, we help you figure out the way to be alive and healthy to enjoy life.

People Come First

Trust has traditionally been considered a cornerstone of effective doctor–patient relationships.

People Come First. We Provide Best Quality Care. Always On Time.

Trust has traditionally been considered a cornerstone of effective doctor–patient relationships. The need for interpersonal trust relates to the vulnerability associated with being ill, the information asymmetries arising from the specialist nature of medical knowledge, and the uncertainty and element of risk regarding the competence and intentions of the practitioner on whom the patient is dependent.

Private Health Insurance

It is a special security arrangement based on pooling of health risk to provide financial protection to participants against ill health.

Formal Sector Social Health Insurance Program

An NHIS product which is based on risk-sharing and solidarity amongst the federal public and civil servants. It is compulsory and guided by law and regulated or implemented by the state.

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Program

Tertiary Institutions Social Health Insurance Programme is an NHIS product designed to serve the healthcare needs of students (full and part-time) of Federal, State, and Private Tertiary Institutions.

Maternity Health & amp

A combined NHIS and MDG program designed to take care of children under 5 years and pregnant women who are considered vulnerable

Community-Based Social Health Insurance Program

Community Based Health Insurance is a non for profit healthcare financing system which is based on solidarity and risk-sharing between members within an identified community.

State Supported Health Insurance Program

It has become obvious that to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Nigeria, the State Governments must be encouraged to run State Supported Health Insurance Schemes.

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