Our Board of Directors

Meet our visionary board with vast experience in areas of Healthcare, Education, Corporate Business, and Business Administration.


Hon. Cosmas Ogugua Agagbo is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Precious Healthcare Limited, one of the national HMOs in Nigeria. He holds a B.Sc in political science and an MBA in Business Administration from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT).

Hon. Cosmas Ogugua Agagbo is an accomplished and successful businessman. In his capacity as Chairman of the various organizations under his watch, he ensures the successful implementation of the organization’s goals and objectives of providing quality and affordable services to Nigerians in line with his vision of a better Nigeria. His visionary organizational management, planning, and decision-making approaches have contributed to the current outstanding performance of his various business interests with over a decade of changing lives. He has been accorded many honors and titles in recognition of his socio-economic and political contributions to the society.

He is happily married to a beautiful wife and they are blessed with lovely children.


Mrs. Theresa Okoli is a woman of substance. She has laid a great foundation for many successful men and women in Nigeria. A disciplinarian, educationist, organizer. Mrs. Theresa Okoli holds many academic laurels.

With her academic and several years of work experiences she has impacted positively the educational advancement and development of Nigerian society. She is a member of the Nigeria Union of Teachers. (NUT) and other professional bodies.


Dr. Gbolade Oshinowo is a respected statesman, politician, Administrator, Educationist, Mobilizer, Producer, and Media professional. He holds a Ph. D in English, B.A (Hons)English, Diploma in Communication studies and Certificate in TV Production at the University of Ibadan, University Kent-at-Canterbury, Canterbury UK, and Boston University Boston, M.A, US, and Television Training Center London respectively.

Dr. Oshinowo has several work experiences in lecturing before joining politics. He is the chairman of Ogun State People’s Solidarity Party as well as Chairman Social Democratic Political Party.


Barrister Adaeze Agagbo studied at Afe Babalola University – one of the outstanding institutions in Nigeria. Prior to joining the board of Precious, he worked with Cosco Investment Limited and Centre for Health Education, Economic Rehabilitation and Social Security (CHEERS) an NGO where she provides advisory, counseling and legal advocacy services for the organization, clients and staff.

Her varied experience in Legal documentation and research has provided great opportunities for organizational growth and development.


Ajia C. Ogugua is the Managing Director (MD) of Precious Healthcare Limited. She is a profound and accomplished manager, administrator, and business strategist. Her commitment and understanding of organizational skills, competencies, methodology, and result-oriented interventions and system processes have led to the optimal growth of the company.

Ajia holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Public Health from Enugu State University of Science and Technology and Roehampton University, England respectively. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in the same field of Business Administration. Providence has bestowed upon her opportunities and privileges to hold senior positions such as Executive Director at Cosmos Investment Ltd, Cheers (NGO), NITEL, and so on. She is happily married.